Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

Honda CR-V Towing CapacityYou’re likely aware that crossover SUVs continue to gain popularity among drivers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey for their distinct versatility. The Honda CR-V is one of these SUVs that’s worth checking out. In particular, the vehicle handles like a sporty sedan and has power and capabilities that are pretty similar to that of a truck.

At Faulkner Honda, we’re going to take a deeper look at the Honda CR-V’s performance capabilities—specifically, towing capacity and engine configuration––which exemplify the versatility you’ll find when you get behind the wheel of this impressive vehicle.

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What Is Towing Capacity?

2020 Honda CR-V 2020 Honda CR-V


Knowing how much your car can safely tow is important. Having this information can prevent you from adding too much weight that could potentially cause damage to your vehicle and prove unsafe for you and your passengers. By referring to the towing capacity, you’ll know the maximum number of pounds that you’ll be able to safely hitch to the back of your car.

Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

2020 Honda CR-V This trusty sport utility vehicle will successfully give you a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds when properly equipped. This impressive power and capability will allow you to tow certain trailers and other equipment––be it for work, play, or a little bit of both.

You can easily hook up a small boat, jet ski, or quad and bring it down to the lake for a fun weekend outside or haul small furniture for your next move. Whatever your cargo, the CR-V will be able to safely transport it to your next destination.

Back in the trunk, you’ll get plenty of storage room with 39.2 cubic feet when all the seats are up, or 75.8 cubic feet of cargo space when you fold down the second-row seats.

Honda CR-V Engine Specs & Key Performance Features

The engine plays a big part in calculating the towing capacity of a vehicle. The Honda CR-V boasts a 4-cylinder engine that produces a full-bodied 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque.

Aside from its formidable power, the CR-V makes use of some features that really add to its overall performance. For instance, it’s available with a Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™ that boosts the SUV’s abilities to provide a more stable driving experience in challenging road conditions.

A Few Noteworthy Safety Features

2020 Honda CR-V There are several safety features that are bound to come in handy when you’re behind the wheel of the Honda CR-V, whether you happen to be using it for towing or not.

One feature that’s particularly useful is the available Blind Spot Monitoring System with Cross Traffic Monitor. It’s there to let you know when a vehicle has entered one of your blind spots. This is sure to make a big difference whenever you find yourself attempting to change lanes or back in or out of a parking spot or driveway.

2020 Honda CR-V Additionally, the Honda CR-V comes standard with Honda Sensing®. This valuable suite of safety features is worth mentioning due to the comprehensive array of assistance that it provides. Here’s what it offers…

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System™:

When this system senses that your CR-V is about to be involved in a frontal collision, it’ll send visual and audible alerts. If further action is not taken, the system can automatically apply brake pressure to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. This is to help prevent the collision from happening or reduce any damage that might occur afterwards.

  • Road Departure Mitigation System:

If you drive for long hours or do a lot of driving late at night, you might come to appreciate this feature. It can determine when you’re drifting out of your designated lane based on the fact that you’re leaving it without activating the turn signal.

The Road Departure Mitigation System can even use steering to help you get back to where you need to be. It also has the ability to use the brakes to make sure that you don’t drive off the road unintentionally.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow:

This one comes in handy if you spend a lot of time on the highway. It can adjust your speed to make sure that you’re maintaining the same safe distance between you and the vehicle that’s directly in front of you.

Additional Standard Safety Features

2020 Honda CR-V The Honda CR-V also comes standard with Hill Start Assist.

This safety feature proves to be a big help whenever you find yourself parked on the side of a hill. It comes into play when you’re ready to get going again, by continuing to apply the brakes long enough for you to switch your foot over to the gas pedal. This action successfully prevents you from drifting back down a hill and wasting gas to correct the situation.

There’s also the multi-angle rearview camera. This standard feature gives a clear view of what’s going on directly behind the vehicle when you have to throw it in reverse. It allows you to pick from a normal, top-down, or wide view for extra awareness.

Test Drive a CR-V Today

This Honda CR-V towing capacity review makes it quite clear that this is the ideal vehicle for meeting your towing needs. Plus, the overall driving experience that it offers is sure to provide you with an abundance of joy as you’re cruising around Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey.

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