Honda Fit vs Toyota Yaris

Whether you’re running errands, driving to and from work, or heading to some of your favorite weekend hangouts, the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris are certainly up for the job. To help you decide which one of these stylish and dependable subcompact cars is better suited for your Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey area drives, Faulkner Honda has come up with the following comparison.

We invite you to take a brief moment to explore some of their key attributes in order to reach a balanced and informed decision.

Honda Fit vs Toyota Yaris: Performance and Exterior Measurements

In the category of performance, the Fit and the Yaris are two formidable automobiles. In particular, what they each have going on under the hood makes them quite capable to take on any challenge you have in mind.

The Honda Fit runs on an in-line 4-cylinder engine that can get up to 130 horsepower with 114 lb-ft of torque. The Toyota Yaris has a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that gives you 106 horsepower along with its 103 lb-ft of torque. While the engines in both of these subcompact cars offer plenty of muscle, the Honda Fit quite a bit more than the Yaris.

Now, we’ll take a look at exterior measurements. The Honda Fit has a wheelbase that measures at 99.6 inches, an overall length of 161.4 inches, and a height that comes to 60 inches. The Toyota Yaris has a 98.8-inch wheelbase, an overall length of 155.5 inches, and is 59.4 inches high. These measurements reveal the Fit to be the larger of the two. Its superior stature provides you with more stability and control.

Fit vs Yaris Interior Specs

Inside the cabin, the Honda Fit effectively carries over its dominance of the Toyota Yaris in terms of size. For instance, its passenger volume comes to 95.7 cubic feet, while the Yaris only gets up to 84.4 cubic feet.

As for comfortable seating, the Honda Fit gives the front row seats 39.5 inches of headroom, 41.4 inches of legroom, 54.8 inches of shoulder room, and 51.5 inches when it comes to hip room. The Toyota Yaris has 39.3 inches of headroom, 40.6 legroom inches, 52.5 inches for shoulder room, and 50 inches of shoulder room in the front row.

In the back row, the Fit offers plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable with 39.3 inches of legroom and 52.6 inches of shoulder room. The back-row passengers in the Yaris don’t have quite as much space as in the Fit. Its rear legroom only gets up to 33.3 inches and its shoulder room is just as snug at 51.8 inches.

Honda Fit vs Toyota Yaris: Which One will it Be?

As this Honda Fit vs. Toyota Yaris comparison shows, the Fit has the performance, exterior measurements, and interior specs, to successfully outshine the Yaris. To get behind the wheel and try the Honda Fit out on the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey roads yourself, stop by or contact Faulkner Honda today to schedule your test drive.