How to Connect My Phone to My Honda

How to Connect My Phone to My Honda

As you drive around Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey, Pennsylvania, you may want to use your phone in your Honda. You want to be able to communicate with your family, friends, or workplace if you’re going to be late or to convey other important messages. So, the team at Faulkner Honda is happy to provide these brief instructions about how to hook up your phone and help you understand how these systems can upgrade your connectivity.

Honda Bluetooth® Connectivity

How to Connect My Phone to My HondaTo hook up your phone to your in-car Bluetooth®, check your phone’s compatibility with this system. Make sure your car stays in Park and push the phone button.

If this is the first time you’ve connected your phone, a prompt will show up, asking if you want to add a new phone. Twist the selector knob toward Yes, and then press the knob. Your phone should either be in search or discoverable mode. When your phone appears on the screen, push down the knob.

But what if it doesn’t appear? Select Phone Not Found, and then search the Bluetooth® for the HandsFreeLink option. This will produce a code that appears on your phone and the Honda touch-screen. Approve this match, and it will confirm that the match is good. Now, you’re set to use Bluetooth®!

Honda Apple CarPlay™

If you own an iPhone, you’ll be eager to hook up your phone to your Honda through Apple CarPlay™. First, check to see if your iPhone carries the latest updates and that you have an Apple charging cord that’s in good condition. Next, plug the USB connector into the USB Smartphone/Audio Interface.

Turn on your Honda and visit the Display Audio home screen. From this point, a consent screen shows up, asking if you want to enable this device, and you can press Enable. The Apple CarPlay™ icon will appear. When you press the button, it displays your list of apps.

To use the phone, press and hold down the TALK button until Siri® answers. This system stays activated until you press the button again. Now, you can hear your messages and respond, look at maps, make calls, play songs, and get a weather report. Note: For drivers who have the available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™, you can’t use Apple maps at the same time.

Honda Android Auto™

How to Connect My Phone to My HondaAndroid Auto™ works in a similar fashion to the Apple CarPlay™ system when hooked up to your Honda with a few minor differences. Before you connect your Android, download the designated app onto your phone using Google Play. Plug the USB connector into the USB Smartphone/Audio Interface and turn on the car.

A consent screen appears, and you must press the Enable button. You’ll be instructed to complete the Android Auto™ tutorial. Now, go back to the Display Audio home screen and press the Android Auto™ icon button. If you want to use any apps, press and hold down the TALK button until you hear the Google Assistant responding. This stays on until you press the TALK button once more.

Android Auto™ allows you to make and answer phone calls and, through voice recognition, reads and responds to your emails and text messages. You can view Google Maps and use Google Play Music or Google Now.

Learn More About Your Honda at Faulkner Honda

Connecting your phone to your Honda enables Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey drivers to stay in touch with friends, family, and work. Remember to check your owner’s manual to make sure you know exactly what to do and have the most accurate information. To learn more or for information about phone connectivity options, contact the team at Faulkner Honda.




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