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How to Trade In My Car

When you’re looking to upgrade to your next set of wheels but still have the title to your old vehicle, it might be a good idea to put that current ride towards the value of your next model. This is what’s known as a trade-in.

Today, our team at Faulkner Honda will walk you through how to trade in your car, so that you can get into your next commuter for Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey, Pennsylvania. See how our team can help you out!

Valuing Your Trade

Valuing Your TradeOne of the first steps in trading in a ride is to know what your model is worth on the market. That’s where “value your trade” tools come in to help. On our website, we host a powerful tool that can give you the market value of your ride fast. Start by telling us about your vehicle, such as:

  • Inputting the exact year, make, model, and trim level of your ride.
  • For even greater accuracy, input the VIN.
  • Let us know the exact mileage. Mileage is a key factor that can impact what your car might be estimated at.

From there, you’ll receive an immediate estimate. This is based on the current supply and demand of the market; the tool uses live readings to determine how your vehicle fits in.

After that, it’s easy to apply, fill out an online application, and eventually receive an offer for your trade-in.

Boosting Your Car’s Value

The market value is just an estimate; you have the power to increase that potential value by how you care for and present your trade-in.

Keeping Up on Maintenance

A car that isn’t in immediate need of service is likely to be valued higher than a car that’s due for an oil change. Bring in your car for service to make sure it’s up to date in all areas, whether that’s re-aligned tires or a quick tune-up, or even part repairs.

The investment may reap big benefits.

Cleaning Up the Car

Appearances are important, so make sure your car is looking its best before a trade. This includes cleaning the car, inside and out. Plug in the vacuum and get under the seat cushions. Make sure the materials inside and out are in peak condition and your car shines.

Working With Our Team

Our finance team is ready to show you how to trade in your car. After you value your trade-in with us, we’re here to offer you flexible help to get the right value for your model and find the right replacement commuter.

Get in touch with our team to explore the plethora of options of different SUVs, cars, trucks, and more. We’re ready to:

  • Answer any questions you have about the trade-in process.
  • Help you schedule a test drive of a new ride.
  • Get the right financing for your needs.

Lean on our team from beginning to end of the trade-in process; we’ll give you the right value of your ride to put towards your next dream machine.

Contact Us to Learn How to Trade in Your Car Today

Learn more about how to trade in your car near Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey, PA, when you get in touch with Faulkner Honda. We have the right lineup of cars for you to upgrade into and a convenient trade-in process to help give you fair value for your commuter, so work with our team today!

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