Vehicle Trade-in FAQs

Vehicle Trade-in FAQs

Drivers near Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey, PA: Are you looking to trade in your car but have questions? Our team at Faulkner Honda is here to help. We’ve put together this page of vehicle trade-in FAQs (frequently asked questions) so drivers like you can learn more about the car-selling process.

Ready to find out how you can trade in your vehicle? Read on for more information.

Trade-in FAQs

Where do I trade in my vehicle?

At any trusted Honda dealership

How do I find my trade-in value?

Value Your Trade tool

Can I trade in my car for a lease?


Why Should I Trade My Car?

The first question you may have is obvious: Why should I trade in my car? For many drivers, there are multiple benefits. One big reason is the trade-in value, which you can use as a down payment on your next vehicle.

This can mean your loan and monthly payments will be lower. Another benefit is that our team will help you with the process, which will make it quick and easy. In no time, you can set up your contract and drive home in your new favorite car.

Can I Trade in My Car for a Lease?

Honda CivicIf you’re interested in a lease, then get ready because you can even trade in your car for a lease. How can you do this? Well, you can take your payment from the trade-in and put it toward a lease. This will lower your monthly costs.

In fact, you can even apply your trade-in value to the amount due at signing if you so choose. If you have any questions about trading in your car for a lease, our finance team is happy to help.

Interested in the benefits of leasing? Here are a few:

  • You don’t have to pay the full amount for the car
  • You can try out a new model without committing to it
  • You can easily exchange your vehicle at the end of the lease

What Affects My Trade-in Value?

When we’re calculating our offer, there are several things we’ll take into account. Some of those factors include:

  • Your vehicle’s mileage: the odometer reading and fuel efficiency
  • Your vehicle’s condition: both internal and external
  • Car features: What kind of features does your vehicle have? This can include tech, safety, and more

These factors are calculated when we take a look at your current car. Based on these things, the better condition your car is in, the higher the offer we can give you.

How Do I Find My Trade-in Value?

Vehicle Trade-in FAQsWe offer online tools to help when you’re deciding how to finance your vehicle. One of those tools is the Value Your Trade tool, which will help you get an estimate of your vehicle’s trade-in value.

This tool will ask for information about your current vehicle, such as:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model

You’ll also add information like the mileage and the condition. If you want, we even allow you to attach pictures so we can have an accurate idea of your car’s condition. However, this is optional.

After using our tool, you’ll get an estimate, although you won’t receive an official trade-in offer until we evaluate the car in person.

Trade in Your Vehicle Today!

Now that you’ve read our vehicle trade-in FAQs, come visit us to get started! Our team at Faulkner Honda is here to help you with the trade-in process. Plus, if you have any other questions, one of our finance experts will be happy to sit down and talk with you.

Ready to get on the streets of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Hershey, Pennsylvania, in a new vehicle? If so, then get in touch with us today to learn more. We can’t wait to assist you every step of the way.




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